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Elemental Village: Fortifications - 3D Printable Models

Designer: Dicey Ventures

$9.99 $14.95

Villages sometimes need walls! Walls need gates, and gates need towers!

Now you can protect your Elemental Village pieces with the stalwart and sturdy Fortifications Pack!

The Fortifications Pack includes STL files for the following pieces:

- Gatehouse (Gate Up)

- Gatehouse & Gate (Gate Down)

- Guard Tower (Tower & Roof)

- Long Wall Section (Pointed & Flat Roofed)

- Short Wall Section (Pointed & Flat Roofed)

- Wall Corner (Pointed & Flat Roofed)

- Adapter (Between Walls and Towers)

12 Structure STL files in total!

 Need some guidance for a paint scheme? Check out our Elemental Village Color Guide that's free to download.

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