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Elemental Village FULL SET STL - DIGITAL


Designer: Dicey Ventures

$65.00 $133.35

This is the whole thing!

All of the currently released STL files for the Elemental Village in one place, and at a SUMMER SALE price!

Separately, all of this would cost you over $130, so we're going to chop that in HALF and let it go out the door for $65 a set!

Now through the end of July, in celebration of our 2D terrain sets launching on July 24!

See you in the Village!



- Arcane Library

- Arcane Temple

- Earth Brewery

- Earth Tavern

- Earth Dwelling

- Fire Forge

- Fire Dwelling

- Air Town Hall

- Air Dwelling

- Water Mill

- Water Dwelling

- Verdant Trees

- Wasteland Trees

- BONUS Rock Formations

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