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Arcane Temple - 3D Printable Model


Designer: Dicey Ventures

$4.99 $9.95

Arcane Temples are always built directly above magical ley lines and serve as focal points for the convergence of the elements. Within an Arcane Temple, all of the elements can be used to their full potential, harmonizing in unity or rampantly destroying in chaos. An Arcane Temple is not just a rare treasure, but it is also a potential threat if it falls into the wrong hands. 

The Arcane Temple is a multi-part model that includes all of the STL files necessary to 3D print the model.

Default scaled for 28mm games and is able to be re-scaled for print to be played with any game. Assembly and painting required. 

Need some guidance for a paint scheme? Check out our Elemental Village Color Guide that's free to download.

Product Dimensions  82X x 99Y x 114Z (mm)
Printing Recommendations

Supports: Yes

Raft: No (PLA - Heated Bed), Yes (PLA - No Heated Bed, ABS)


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