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SHRINK RAY DISASTER - Small Scale 2D Elemental Village Terrain


Designer: Dicey Ventures

$9.99 $19.95

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There's been a terrible workshop disaster!

Some of the goblins got carried away with the shrink ray recently, and the first run of Elemental Village 2D Terrain was caught in the mayhem. 

So what does this mean? Well, it means we have a whole run of 2D Terrain that's too small!

But that's good news for all of you because we're looking to pass it on to you in a fun way. 

We have uncut neoprene mats of the Elemental Village 2D Terrain in what ballparks to be around 15mm scale, it can be yours for just $20 (plus shipping)!

Use it as a game mat! 

Use it as a mouse pad!

Or, cut it out and have the cutest little terrain pieces that will be the absolute envy of every one else who sees it!

Get the Elemental Village 2D Terrain SHRINK RAY DISASTER before it sells out FOREVER. 


Product Dimensions: 14" x 24"

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