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Elemental Village: Print and Play 2D Terrain - Earth/Arcane


Designer: Dicey Ventures



Now through August 1, when you purchase any Print and Play 2D Terrain set, you will also get a coupon (sent separately via email) for $5 OFF one of our physical Elemental Village 2D Terrain sets, releasing in July. 

The Elemental Village is going flat!

Now you can print, cut out, and play with the Elemental Village terrain any time you want to, with the new Print and Play 2D Terrain sets. 

Each set contains over two dozen 2D models for use in tabletop wargames, RPGs, skirmish games, and board games.

The Earth/Arcane set includes Elemental Village models from the Earth and Arcane elements as well as nature pieces like trees, rocks, hills, ponds, and more. 

Full PDF includes 8 printable pages of models.

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